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Kelly Grant Globe & Mail May 22 17.

Miss Grant, the problem of hospital overcrowding you wrote about was solved 5 years ago by two Canadian doctors. Unfortunately, this critically important invention has been kept a deep, dark secret over the years during which time almost half a million innocent Canadians died before their time. Around the world, over 5 million died before their time. 

The 180 or so hospitals you wrote about are serially overcrowded because about 220,000 Canadians become infected while they're in hospital and the job of treating them takes time. In the meantime, hallways and family lounges are pressed into service. 

We have found 3 hospitals so far that are thinking about time-sharing the only machine that meets the 99.9999% level of eliminating pathogens of all kinds and solving these problems. It's the AsepticSure system sold by Medizone in Kalamazoo. By the way, we have absolutely nothing to do with Medizone or anybody else. 

We've offered some smaller hospitals a plan whereby they lease a machine and disinfect their patient rooms. That work will take about 10 months of the year. 
Our group of retirees will then find big hospitals that can't get a machine of their own and, in the other two months, we'll disinfect some of their patient rooms. Profits earned will repay the "Gutsy Hospital Group" costs entirely. 
Big hospitals will recoup all their room-disinfecting costs in about a year by adding $15 a day or so to their daily charge of $325. 

Overcrowding will be eliminated in about a year. The annual deaths of 8,000 innocent Canadians will also be eliminated.

But that's only the beginning of the story.

Inevitably, social media will carry the story to hospitals all over the world of how a few brave Canadian hospital management teams eliminated HAI in their hospitals at no cost and helped some big hospitals to reduce their overcrowding at no cost as well. 

Is that not a happy story? Do you see any reason why it couldn't and shouldn't come about?