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Yvan, I need to put this information in writing to you because it’s important for you to know how millions of innocent people all over the world died before their time every year for ten years to make very certain that pharmaceutical company stocks and profits continued to do very well. 

I sold big-ticket products to hospitals for 65 years, so I’m uniquely positioned to know precisely how Medizone International was able to make very certain that not even one AsepticSure system was sold in the 10 years after Drs. Shannon and Zoutman invented the only system on the face of

the earth that could keep millions of people alive and well after 2 weeks in any hospital patient bed on the face of the earth. 

A very greedy but knowledgeable criminal mind incapable of human emotions recognized that giving the $150,000 machine to people with no experience in selling big-ticket products to hospitals, innocent but not very bright people like Ed Marshall, first CEO of Medizone, would guarantee not one machine would be sold.

Of course, the plan worked almost perfectly.


Unfortunately for Ed Marshall, there were people in Saudi Arabia and Chile that recognized there could somewhere be a machine with the “kill power” to obliterate pathogens and spores and actually had the brains to use the internet to search for and find the solution to HAI. 

Sadly, we in Canada haven’t had even one healthcare professional in 10 years with the brains to do the same and save so many innocent Canadians from getting infected and dying. 

The Saudis and Chileans phoned Edwin and ordered an AsepticSure machine or two.

This diabolical, evil plan worked extremely well for 10 years. Medizone was able to make sure they didn’t sell even one AsepticSure machine but somehow was able to stay in business in a very limited way.

 I don’t really think you have to go very far to figure out who bankrolled them.

In that 10 years, how many human beings died before they were supposed to, all over the world, of HAI.

How many families were devastated with grief?

 How many innocent people in total, world-wide, became infected in their hospital room and were brought back to health by dedicated healthcare professionals and the $26,000 per patient the CDC people says was needed to make it happen?

Can you do the arithmetic?

Do you want to do the arithmetic?