Helping spread the word that the end of Hospital Acquired Infections is HERE!


About two years ago we began a campaign to cause disinfection of Canadian hospital patient rooms in order to stop Hospital Acquired Infections from killing over 8,000 Canadians every year.

This can be done now because two Canadian doctors solved HAI 5 years ago by inventing a room sterilization system called AsepticSure. 

Take an operating room crawling with dangerous bacteria like C. difficile, close the door and seal the edges with tape. Then pump the room full of an antiseptic vapour that combines ozone gas with hydrogen peroxide. In 90 minutes the floors, walls and all of the equipment in the room and bathroom, every nook and cranny, are as clean as a surgeon’s scalpel. 

The technical label is 6-LOG and the degree of sterilization is 99.9999%. Only the AsepticSure system meets these qualifications. 

But it’s 2017 and 8,000 Canadians are still dying every year. We intend to find hospital managers who’ll lease and time-share the invention so they can be the very first healthcare people in the entire world who will be able to say truly and proudly “We’re delighted to say welcome to your room, this room is safe, it’s germ free and you won’t get infected or worse”.  

An appropriate by-product of this operation will be that a number  of our retirees will earn $50 an hour doing extremely important and dignified work only they can do, something they can tell their grand-children about. First they’ll do the necessary planning and organizing to make sure about 200 rooms a month over a 10 month period get sterilized. When that’s done we’ll focus on finding  and sterilizing about 400 rooms in big hospitals.

The AsepticSure system owners will invoice the big hospitals $1,000 per room. After the students and retirees have been paid, along with the chemicals and insurance, at the very least about 50% of the $400,000 billed stays in the hospital group's bank account to cover well over every dime of the initial lease investment. And that's only year one. Years two and over will be rather like a probably very welcome  annuity. 

Everybody will be happy and more importantly, well and alive.